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forget me not, or i'll forget myself

a chunk of something eric sent to tommy:

"My old DM from the district I was in came to my store today. He was talking to my manager in private in the back room, and I found out what went down later. She was apparently talking me up the whole time and saying I was like 2 steps away from being perfect for management. He said that there was a store opening up in Youngstown that he would had ask me to take over, but did not because my store was short mgmt staff at the time. My store has a full staff right now and apparently there is some turmoil at the Parma Town store, which would be close to you and thus not an uber far move like Columbus. Even if I do not get that store, he said he would keep me in mind as a high priority on his list of potential candidates for management. He knows how much I really want back into his district too. Thought you might want an update on all of that."

i don't know what to do, or think.

i'm just afraid. very afraid.

i know this is a big opportunity for him, & in that respect i'm glad. i don't want to hold him back, but i don't want to be left behind &/or forgotten. it's completely out of my hands, & i wouldn't dream of telling him to stay where he is just so he can have his tiny chunk of limited time with me. from a business aspect, it hardly seems worth it. we hardly see each other. i'm just a ball & chain attached to his leg.

this just makes everything harder & more hopeless.
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