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i don't really care what gentlemen prefer.

so, last night i went to an "all guys" party. [mind you, i'm not a boy.. i'm just not a girl either] since i'm not a whiny girly girl & i typically get along best with bois, it was a good party.

it started out with just a few people, but eventually more & more were invited. 5 or 6 more girls showed up -- & it was creepy 'cause they used to stalk my ex-boyfriend ryan hyde while we were still going out. heh. i was polite anyway.

i had fun jumping on the huge trampoline, swinging on a rope swing, & watching all the silly drunks stumbly-bumbling around. it was a good time, until someone pointed out that legg had drank way too much. kevin & i played nurse for a long time as he vomited all over the place. we had to keep him upright so he wouldn't choke, 'cause he couldn't speak right, chew, swallow, or sit or stand up on his own. i was afraid he'd go to sleep & choke on his own vomit [like a rock star].

see -- i have a heart!

tonight i'm going with jen & her boyfriend chris to see underworld. mindsuckr might join us [i hope]. i'm not sure what else the day holds, but i'm not in a very happy mood.. so it had better be good.
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