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this is how one makes fish cakes. [FISH CAKES!]

little music-related things are making me happy today. :)

. . . baucaholic_anon for one thing.
also: o0olellyo0o, because she is sweet! -feel better, lelly-

hopefully i'll be getting some lovely siouxsie & bauhaus merch sometime soon-ish. i just have to get my ass down to a store that can set me up with a money order, since the bastards at angry, young, & poor don't take paypal. ahhh! confusion & delays! everyone should just accept paypal because i'm a lazy girl who is easily confused & slowed down.

poison was unable to drive up for a visit today. what a shame. i miss her.. we'll have to re-schedule soon. i'm horrible at keeping/making plans, though. we'll see how it goes. hopefully i'll see her sometime this week, if not tomorrow.

i have a lot of things going wrong for me right now, but i should try to remember things that make me happy. so, one of the things i'm mainly focusing on is my trip to new york city. YAY! NYC! that's in april, & only for a couple of days, but i'm still really excited to see everything out there & roam among the crowd.

. . .

// & if you hadn't already thought of it: all you baucaholics [bauhaus fans] out there better join baucaholic_anon or you'll be on the receiving end of a swift "kick in the eye!" //
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