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we suck young blood.

mohawk pictures, as promised. [although late]

are you hungry?Collapse )

you must be warned: there are several shots behind the cut. some of it up [i have no make up on, & the back drop is an orange & white striped beach towel, not an american flag!], a few of it down [make up included], & some of poison & i. once again, shitty cam with a contrast problem. i'm not trying to be a dramawhore, but if you don't turn your head in obnoxious angles your facial features tend not to show.
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effing awesome.

come over and help me do a bi-hawk ;).

:D w00t! glad you like it!

haha, sure. i'd shave yer head any day!

I love it with the bangs!!! Very nice on you.
I think This one has to be my fave.
awe, thanks!

i thought it needed the bangs to look ok, + they were already there, so i didn't really have another option.

that's the infamous "smile" picture. i think it's ok, i just don't like my smile.

it's a good reference shot of the hair.
thats awsome! it looks so good!

thanks. that's what i thought, too. i'm glad other people shared that opinion!
that is the fucking sweetest hair i've ever seen

glad you like it so much. it's my favorite hairstyle i've ever had.

ever ever ever.
eep! I loves it! Such a wonderful surprise to come home and see this on my computer! I LOVE IT!
heeh. thank you abby!

i'm glad you were surprised in a positive way.
i'm in love with it.
me too.

it is my obsession.

i'll probably turn some of those pictures into icons.
i really like it. cant wait to see it in person. been way to long since we hung out.
i loved it, while it lasted. it was the only time i felt good about my appearance.

you'll never see it in person, though. it was re-cut, & it looks bad now.

i'd say we should hang out soon, but i don't want anyone to see me like i am now.
Re-cut? ::Sighs:: If you liked your hair like that, you should have just kept it... I thought the pics looked good..
I want to talk to you.. Hopefully I'll see you online soon..
Love you and miss you,
~Julie xxx
yes. re-cut. :(

when eric wrote out that entry saying he was depressed & that i had tested him, it was over that. i know i shouldn't have had to cut it since i loved it & it was my hair & blah blah blah, but if it was going to be hair or eric, it had to be eric. that's why i freaked out at you in that comment. it seemed like everyone was trying to say that i didn't care about eric, because he was speaking about me in a very vague & bad-sounding way. it made me seem heartless, when infact i was TRYING MY HARDEST to make things work, & i kept telling him that i didn't want the hair to be the end of our relationship.

ahhh my fucking god. i'm in a really bad mood. sorry.

DAT IS CRAZY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

thank you. i thought so too!
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