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take a look at who you arrrrrrre, it's pretty scary.

interesting day, i'll say that.

i felt really shitty in the morning, but it passed as the day went on.

i haven't cut the 'hawk yet. cupcakeofdoom is going to do that for me, so i have to wait until we both are free. but, today i did put up the hair that would be my mohawk, & i got REALLY excited! it rocked!! or at least it didn't look like shit, & that's enough of a green light for me. now i can't wait to get choppin'. cupcakeofdoom has a webcam, so you all can look forward to seeing pics of my new hair up soon. :D

in other news.. [i am adam sandler! *smirk*]

but really.. after putting the hair up i took a shower, & something funny happened. right after i got out of the shower, the power went out! no lights! no refrigerated food! NO AIR CONDITIONER! ahhh! it was ok for a bit, but eventually it got really hot & stuffy. ended up going out to eat, & driving around for awhile.

when i got home it was pitch black. i had a strong flashlight though, so it didn't matter. i pulled all of my non-decorational candles out of the closet & read by candle light for awhile. i was hoping it would make me tired so i could fall asleep. no such luck.

eventually i ended up sprawled out on my bed, naked, looking like someone had hit me with a truck, & trying not to touch any of my limbs together because it was SO hot. hahaha. what a sight!

& now the power is back. thank GOD!
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