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"come & bite on this ragdoll, baby!"

plans for today fell through. big surprise.

i've been incredibly lazy, probably because of plans falling through. sat around the house for the majority of the day, never got dressed, & didn't even draw on my eyebrows!

i'm in a bit of a slump.
someone insert a steel-toed boot into my arse, please.

as soon as i finish up here, i'm going to put up my mohawk line as a test to see what it will look like when i actually cut it. hopefully it won't be too ugly. that would spoil all my 'hawk dreams. i think the whole 'hawk idea has been what's been keeping me happy the last few days, so i hope it doesn't disappoint me in the end.

"our dreams are guillotines waiting to fall."

gitane pic
Gitane Demone! of Pompeii 99 + Christian Death!

Which Original Deathrock Diva Are You?
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& here's an amusing link for all you zombie lovers.
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