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a [hot] 'hawk debate!


you are lesley!
You are Lelly. You talk about bauhaus and daniel
ash's eyebrows a little bit more than is
healthy. You wear the some of the strangest
things (and are the most colorful) out of the
bunch, but somehow, you always seem to pull it
off stylishly. You fear complete sobriety,
although you've gotten a lot better about it
these days ;-) You also have this weird thing
about angry germans beating on sheet metal with
drills. The rest of the crew doesn't exactly
get it.

which tom's diner deathrock rat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

ooh. i am lelly! she is lovely so i am flattered!
i am jealous of her pretty 'hawk.


sometimes i consider chopping off quite a lot of my hair. it is "pretty" long, but that is a LOT of maintenance + it's very hot 'cause it's thick + it gets in the way often. my hair is sort of short right now. :/ sometimes i really want a mohawk. i'm not sure if i could pull it off, though. i think my features might be too manly for a 'hawk. hmm. i dunno. my friend jen has a 'hawk, & it looks really pretty on her. what if i kept my pointed bangs, & left a little bit of hair on the sides? or maybe just keep the bangs? if i had a 'hawk, i'd want it to look something like roland[of the tom's diner deathrock rats]'s. you've all seen me. now, what do you think?

[this question is mostly aimed at lelly, & others with 'hawks]

of course, this is all under the assumption that i would let my hair grow out for awhile first, so i would actually have hair to put up.
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